Origin Story:

The story begins in the attic of a costume shop. There, Denise Ewing, a young woman in her twenties, finds an old box with a costume. She takes it to her father who is minding the store and asks him about it.

DENISE: Why is this costume up in the attic hidden away in a corner?

Her father looks long and hard at the black and white suit and slowly starts to explain.

FATHER: The costume was worn by your grandfather during one of his magic tricks while performing on stage.

He pulls the costume out of the box and drapes it over the counter.

FATHER: Your grandfather owed a large sum of money to some very infamous people. The last time he wore it, a man who was never caught, jumped onto the stage and shot your grandfather point blank. Your grandfather struggled for two days trying to stay alive until I could get there to say goodbye.

He slowly began to fold the costume as if it was a holy shroud.

FATHER: He told me in a very soft whisper that someday this costume would avenge him. He then shook his head and looked at me and saying that I should never take the amulet off the costume because, revenge, even if it is sweet would damn him to hell. So I packed it away and hid it from my life.

DENISE: Amulet, isn't that a little superstitious! I don't understand, but shouldn't we at least keep it at home?

FATHER: No! Just put it back where you found it.

Denise grabbed the box and started to go up stairs when a man and a woman entered the store. The man was dressed in jeans and a denim sleeveless jacket that showed all his tattoo's. He looked like he hadn't shaved in a month and his hair was long and a mess. The woman was well dressed and elegant. She had long black hair and deep green eyes that with a single glanced took in the whole shop. Denise thought, what an unlikely pair they made. She smiled and started to turn to go up the stairs when.

WOMAN: Hey bitch get down here now!

Denise was stunned when she turned around and saw the gun being pointed at her.

MAN: You, buddy, get on the floor and you better tell that kid of yours to do the same.

FATHER: Denise, do as they say.

Denise dropped the box and walked over to her father and got on the floor next to him.

FATHER: Look, just take what you want but don't harm my daughter.

The woman laughed as she opened the register. She stared down at the money and her face grew red with rage.

WOMAN: Is this all you have?

FATHER: Yes, this is a costume shop not a bank.

WOMAN: No problem sweets. I'm not here for the money anyway.

FATHER: Then what do you want?

MAN: Shut up old man let the woman talk.

The woman walked over to the father and put her foot on his chest as she slowly spun a silencer on her gun.

WOMAN: I'm here for some sport, sport!

The gun went off and blood splattered from the fathers knee. He tried to get up in pure panic from the pain, but she fired again in the other leg. The shots were no more then loud puffs, but the woman's laughter more than made up for the weapons silence.

DENISE: Leave him alone!

WOMAN: Okay, I will if you tell me where the stuff is!

DENISE: What stuff?

The woman shot Denise's Father again in his right shoulder.

WOMAN: You know what we are talking about, don't play dumb!

Denise jumped up and was slammed to the ground by the man. She felt a sharp pain in her head and her world went black.

Denise woke up in the back of an ambulance parked in front of the shop. She struggled to get up but the pain that rushed through her head forced her back. A man in a gray suit sat next to her holding his head in his hands.

DENISE: Who are you? Where is my dad?

The man looked up and stared at her. Denise knew at that moment her father was dead. She began to cry hysterically. She gasped for air and tried to calm down.

POLICEMAN: I hate this part, I really do, but I have to ask you who did this.

DENISE: Two people, both white, one was a man with long dirty hair and dressed like a biker. He had a tattoo of a mermaid on his right arm. The other was a woman dressed in a dark blue suit and had black hair. She was slim and had a southern accent.

The policeman was shocked at how fast this girl answered his question.

POLICEMAN: The medics said that you might have a slight concussion and should be taken to the hospital.

DENISE: No! I want to see my dad, then I want to be alone.

POLICEMAN: Well, your dad has been taken to the hospital where we are examining him. I would advise against going right now.

DENISE: Help me out of this thing so I can go inside.

POLICEMAN: I can't let you do that either. The shop is sealed off until the CSI is finished. That should be by tomorrow night.

DENISE: What am I going to do? Pop's my only family. I don't have anyone.

POLICEMAN: Look, why don't I take you home. I'll have a policewoman come by to stay with you and....

DENISE: No! I can drive myself. Just help me to my car and I'll be okay.

POLICEMAN: If that's what you want. I'll drop by tomorrow if you don't mind, to see how you are doing.

Denise felt the loneliness entering her again and she started to grow fond of this cop.

DENISE: I'd like that. My name is Denise.

POLICEMAN: I'm David, David Shepherd. Come on I'll help you to your car.

Denise reached into her pocket and fished out her keys. She stared at David as he walked back to the crowd of officers and red and blue lights and she started to cry all over again.

Her night was filled with dreams, full of dark shadows and sounds that stayed just beyond understanding.

She was startled out of her sleep by a sense of something cold blowing over her face. She looked around her bedroom but saw no unfamiliar forms. Looking at her clock she let out a sigh of tension and knew that she would never fall back to sleep!

It was 11:15 pm. and she knew that the police would not be at the store. She had to go there to see what had happened.

The outside of the store was dark except for the flashing of yellow that was caused by the street light hitting the police tape fluttering in the night wind. Denise got out of her car and ducked under the tape and stood in front of the door. She stared for what seemed to be forever and almost turned back.

She unlocked the door and slowly opened it to the sound of the small bell that would tell if a customer was coming in. She turned on the flashlight she brought and gasped with shock and pain.

The dead white light splattered on a pool of blood that was hard for her to believe. She quickly turned the flashlight away and let it flow over the store. The place was a total mess, everything that could be broken was and what wasn't was turned over.

She walked over to the stairs and sat on the first step. She sat there staring at the mess that surrounded her. Her eyes stopped at her feet where the costume of her grandfather was tossed. She looked around her feet then spread her search even further, but she didn't see the amulet that was part of the costume.

DENISE: That woman from hell must of took it!

She sat there with her eyes closed for god only knew how long. She put the light on her watch and saw that it was just turning midnight. She stood up and began to walk toward the door when a rustling sound caught her attention. She slowly turned around and froze in place, her flashlight shook from her trembling hand as she pointed it on the costume as it slowly began to be filled. The whole room was dropping in temperature very quickly and a low fog was developing at the now towering figure that stood in front of her.

GRYM: Who are you child?

Denise just stood there split between running and screaming.

GRYM: What is the matter with you, are you deaf?

DENISE: No! I am Denise Ewing.

GRYM: You must be a relative if your name is Ewing and you have my costume!

DENISE: Grandfather! Are you my grandfather?

GRYM: I must be, but has that many years passed since I was shot by those goons?

DENISE: Almost fifty years grandfather!

GRYM: They must all be dead or scattered so far that I could never get my revenge!

This fearful thing called Grym let out a scream that turned Denise's blood to ice.

GRYM: I will return to my death without that taste of blood that has burned so long and so deep all these years.

Grym looked around and for the first time noticed the destruction that surrounded him.

GRYM: What has happened here child?

DENISE: Your son, my father was murdered today for no reason but, as she put it, SPORT!

GRYM: I know your father well! He will use the curse on this garment that I wear to take his revenge.

DENISE: You mean I will be able to talk to him again.

GRYM: No child! To use the curse is to condemn your soul to a place that no mortal human can envision! This place is between heaven and hell. A place filled with people that are ashamed of the deeds that they have done. A place that allows you to live your death and your revenge over and over for eternity!

DENISE: I don't want this for Pop!

GRYM: Then I must take that revenge for him child!

DENISE: I can't let you!

GRYM: The amulet is no longer here child, this I can feel. Without it you can not stop the souls that seek vengeance. I have already entered this curse so my soul is already doomed. I will take my son's revenge.

DENISE: But how can you? How much time can you stay here?

GRYM: I can see things that mortals can't! I can hear sounds that no ear can pick up and I have souls walking this earth that can lead me! I have until sunrise child.

DENISE: I understand!

GRYM: No you don't child! You must find the amulet to stop any other souls from using this curse.

With his final words, Grym flowed around her leaving a bitter cold in his path. His image, a death skull and torn rags of the dead, disappeared in the utter blackness of the streets leaving Denise shivering in wonderment and sorrow.

In a dimly lit room downtown, sat the cold hearted killer in her overly plush chair staring at the grubby unkempt creature that stood in front of her.

METHUSELAH: I want you to go to Paul and tell him that he was wrong about that costume shop and that he had best give you my money!

MAN: Yes miss.

Methuselah smiled while she twirled the gold amulet in her hand.

METHUSELAH: And put this in my trophy room with my others.

The man with the mermaid tattoo walked out of the room down the hall and through a wall that slid open when he pressed his hand on a wall plate. Inside was a hundred items, everything from men's belts to simple scarfs. This was the trophy room, bits and pieces of individuals now dead from the cold hands of Methuselah!

The man placed the amulet on a silver pedestal and left the room. His mind flashed, the image of that girl crumbled up on the floor. He saw how beautiful and innocent she looked. He wanted her, but his boss stopped him under a threat of death and she knew death quite well.

He walked to the elevator and exited to the outside. What the man didn't know was that, that fleeting thought of Denise was like a siren to the soul of Grym.

Grym was under an overhang in an alley when the picture that formed in in the man's mind filled his every being. He was locked to this man like a blood thirsty tick to a dog. Every move the man makes sends the images back to Grym. Grym watched, waiting to know where this man was going. Suddenly a sign appeared that he knew. This man was going into a building very close by.

Grym leaped to the top of the building and rushed toward his objective. His being kept re-absorbing the information from this man that he knew was part of his son's death. He leaped toward a twenty story window and hung there just out of sight from the occupants.

MAN: That costume store was not selling drugs like they told you Mr. Drake. We checked everything and it was clean. Now Methuselah wants her money.

Drake: I couldn't take a chance somebody was moving into my territory. You know Methuselah didn't have to kill that old man though!

MAN: And you know she likes that stuff. She was going to kill the girl too as we left but some people walked by the front window just as we finished searching the place so we fled through the back door.

Grym heard enough. He watched as the tattooed man left with a briefcase that had the money. As he watched inside his soul as the man entered the elevator, Grym flew through the window as if it wasn't there. Drake just stared and then as if realizing what was in front of him leaped over his desk trying to get to the door.

Grym simply, without a sound, grabbed the man by the shoulder with one hand and reached into his chest with the other placing his grip around the heart that Grym hoped would be there.

GRYM: If you are worthy to die then my touch will speed your soul to your judgment!

Drake fell to the floor ashen and dead. Grym shook his head thinking about the hell that soul was going to. Grym flowed through the walls and went outside

Grym hovered above the man as he drove back to his mistress. The man looked over at the briefcase and smiled. He would love to have it all for himself but he knew better. He pulled into the parking lot and rushed into the building. He thought he was coming down with something because he was so cold.

The man walked into the office closing the door behind him.

Grym was outside the door to Methuselah, he saw her through the man's eyes. Grym not only saw her beautiful form but he also saw that black pit she called a soul. This one was definitely headed for hell!

The man stood there looking at Methuselah waiting for her to tell him to come forward only to have his throat grabbed by a hand that came through the door releasing the Man's soul. As fast as it appeared it left to be hidden from Methuselah.

The man now stood facing Methuselah with dead eyes and went face first on the floor. Methuselah jumped up not believing what she saw. She looked around and at the same time grabbing her gun.

Grym came through the ceiling to float above Methuselah head. She stood there slowly turning and waiting. She felt the cold fill the room and she saw the mist falling from above. As she raised her head ,she was jerked up by a powerful hand to become face to face with a skull full of hate and death. She started to fire but it had no effect. The hand squeezed tighter and she struggled to survive.

GRYM: You killed my son! I should slowly take you apart piece by piece but I know where your dark soul is going and nothing that I could do will equal what is in store for you.

There was a gasp from her lips and fear showed for the first time in her eyes and then Methuselah became a lifeless doll falling to the floor.

Denise was waiting for her grandfather on the stairs. She had looked all over the store for the amulet but it was useless. Once again the air became thick with the cold that she was now familiar with. Out of a mist came Grym.

GRYM: Your father will not have to suffer the curse child!

The costume fell to the ground draping over something. Denise picked it up and saw the briefcase beneath. She opened it and gasped. Before her was at least a half-a- million in cash. On top was a note.

This was what they were paid for the murder of my son and your father. Use it to find the amulet and to survive. Beware all the souls that use the curse they may be anyone or anything, a woman abused by a husband or a junkyard dog tortured by it's owner. Not all will be like me.

Love you child!

Denise was awaken by her phone. She didn't even remember coming home.

DENISE: Hello.

DAVID: I thought I should call and tell you that the people who killed your father will not cause anymore trouble. They were found murdered we think, it's hard to tell since no marks or wounds were found! Do you need anything?

DENISE: No thank you David I'm fine and thanks for the news, goodbye.

She put her head back to the warmth of her pillow and smiled.