Origin Story:

The story begins with a short hunched over stocky man knocking at an office door.

A tall thin older black man opens the door and looks down at the short stocky man.

SHORT MAN: Are you Jacob Masters?

JACOB: It is Master Without the "S".

SHORT MAN: Good, then you have found me.

JACOB: Who are you and why would I be hunting you?

SHORT MAN: I am JAY QUE! That is spelled J-A-Y Q-U-E. an infected guy.

JACOB: Come in Jay and let us see if you are what you say

Jacob and Que sitting in Jabobs examination room.

JACOB: So you have been infected by the virus?

QUE Yes, and I heard through the grapevine that your Brother was too, and now you are hunting for us, the last four.

JACOB: Get up on the exam table and let me see what it has done to you.

QUE: Okay, but I already know what it has made made me into.

Que stretches out on the table as Jacob attaches probes to his head and draws blood. After a few hours Jacob tells Que to sit up

QUE: Interesting. It seems that the virus has altered your DNA to a more primitve state by a couple of thousand years.

QUE: Is That why I can smell Pastrami a mile away?

JACOB: That means that you have very heighten senses and an agile predator style body with all the reflexes that goes with it.

QUE: Well, doesn't that make me special in an odd sort of way.

Que and Jacob head back to Jacob's office in front of the building

QUE: So, are you trying to get even because of what they did to your Brother?

JACOB: No, I just want to make sure it doesn't happen again. The virus was a fluke never to be duplicated.

Jacob who has an angered look in his face stares at Que then lowers his head

JACOB: But you or the others will not die from, if I have anything to do with it.

QUE: You mean this thing will eventually kill us?

Jacob stands up and walks to the front window, pulling the curtains back and looking outside.

JACOB: No. The virus will not kill you but another sickness will. They will hunt you all down and eliminate their mistake.

QUE: Meaning those thugs I keep beating up every time they find me?

Jacob watches a black non-descript car pulls up infront of his building.

JACOB Speaking of the Devil, here they are!

QUE: No problem, I feel like kicking some butts right now.

JACOB: No you won't! Go down to the basement and behind the wooden cabinet is a secret door, I'll open it from here. Follow the hall and wait for me.

Jacob opens the door to four men dressed alike in suits.

JACOB: Can I help you gentlemen?

FIRST MAN: Quit playing games jacob. We know que came here today, so move aside and let us in.

JACOB: I would ask for a warrant but I know who you are and you will come in no matter what, so be my guest.

The men searched in every room including the basement tearing things up as they go through the office but finding nothing.

JACOB: Thanks for redecorating my office gentlemen!

FIRST MAN: I don't know where he went Jacob, but you better watch your step.

JACOB: Just get out of here! The next time, I will make sure you regret coming here.

Jacob walks down a dark hallway leading to a light at the end Thinking that was a stupid thing for me to say.

At the end of the hallway he enters an underground garage, Que is sitting behind the wheel of a large limousine as Jacob says to himself, this one is a little hot head that i have to train like a bad kid.

QUE: Nice car Master.

JACOB: It was my Father's. So let's talk, tell me about your life.

QUE: Okay, growing up everyone picked on me until the virus hit me, then they started calling me dog boy until I nearly killed one and so I have been on the run since.

JACOB: So did anyone ever press charges against you?

QUE: I don't know and I don't care. Will I stay this way or can you fix me?

JACOB: I am sorry to say that the change is permanent.

JACOB: Let's take a trip.

QUE: Sure, if I can drive.

Que Gets behind the steering wheel barely able to see above it and heads toward the garage door.

QUE:Where are we going?.

JACOB: To a building outside of town that a friend owns. I think that if I find the other three virus victims, I will need a better place to hide them.

After an hour of twisting and turning to make sure they are not followed the car pulls up to an old small abandon asylum called Serenity.

JACOB: This is it Que, pull around to the back.

QUE: Hey, this is an old nut house man, it is suppose to be haunted.

JACOB: It just needs some work inside but i will keep the outside like it is.

Que feels a chill down his back as they entered the asylum, it is dark and dirty with shadows casting about.

JACOB: Not the prettiest place to live, but very safe, since I know a secret way to get here.

QUE: So what do we do now? Start mopping or dusting?

JACOB: Nothing right now. we need to find the girl. we can start this project later.

QUE: What girl?.

JACOB: I have had reports on her victims and they are now showing up here.

QUE: Victims? I don't like the sound of that!

Que jumps as a crashing sound comes from upstairs.

QUE: what was that?

JACOB: Let's find out!

QUE: they won't be up here for long if i get hold of them.

Jacob and Que open the only door closed in the upstairs hallway to see an old woman huddled in the corner, she is short and stout with gray hair.

JACOB: I don't think you will have much problem beating her up Que.

QUE: Real funny master, you are just such a comedian.

The woman now sitting on bed with Jacob next to her and Que looking out the window.

JACOB: What's your name?

BEA: Bea Mathews.

JACOB: What are you doing here, bea?

BEA: I have no where else to go sir, no family or job, just homeless.

JACOB: Can you maintain a home, Bea?

BEA: Did it for years, cleaning cooking and more. why?

JACOB: You have a home now, and maybe the strangest family that anyone would never want.

BEA: You mean like him?

QUE: Hey, what do you mean by that?

JACOB: Yes, just like him and even stranger.

QUE: I get no respect.

JACOB: I am taking her into town to get her cleaned up and to buy a few things.

QUE: And what am I to do while you are gone?

JACOB: Like you asked before, I think you should dust first, then mop.

QUE: Gee, I get to clean house, just not the way i thought i would.

JACOB: When I get back we have a mission to go on, so just clean one room for Bea to live in and turn the circuit breakers back on in the basement.

QUE: Yes Master, will that be all Master?

JACOB: Just call me Jacob and quit calling me Master!

Que in the basement flipping the switches thinking to himself.

QUE THINKING: Great, alone in an old asylum that I hear is haunted and pushing a mop. I came to Jacob to help kick butt and get cured and this is how I end up.

Que walks toward the stairs and stops suddenly, in the corner is a large dark pile with glowing eyes.