Origin Story:

The story begins with a young lady walking down a city street when she notices an ambulance parked in front of a brownstone house.

YOUNG LADY: Oh my god! it's in front of Gramps house

She runs up the steps and into the house passing Paramedics just outside Gramps bedroom.

YOUNG LADY: Gramps are you okay?

She sits on the edge of the bed.

GRANDFATHER: Just fine Hon, had a little heart hiccup that's all.

The Paramedic enters the room.

MEDIC: He refused to be taken to the hospital, my advice is for him to take it easy from here on out Miss.

GRANDFATHER: Tamika Honey, I need to give you something just in case!

TAMIKA: Don't talk like that Gramps.

GRANDFATHER: You know me Hon, I leave nothing to chance so listen to me carefully

He opens his nightstand drawer and pulls out an ornate box.

GRANDFATHER: In this box is another time piece. You must never let it out of your sight.

She looks at the pocket watch in her hand thinking that it is very plain.

TAMIKA: Why? Is it worth a fortune or something?

GRANDFATHER: It will give you powers that have been in our family for centuries.

TAMIKA: How Gramps?

GRANDFATHER: If you press the stem once it will slow time down for ten minutes, press it twice and time stops for five minutes and niether of those will effect the user. Press it three times and twist the stem to the left and you travel into the past one year for every minute you move the hands, do the same and twist it to the right and you go into the future at the same rate.

TAMIKA: But how do you return to the present?

GRANDFATHER: Press it four times and you return to the present time.

She looked at Gramps with a look of surprise and doubt.

TAMIKA: You have to be kidding me Gramps?

GRANDFATHER: Go ahead push the stem twice.

TAMIKA: Okay, so time will stop.

Tamika looks out the window and sees a bird stopped in mid flight and a man that looks like he is going to fall.

TAMIKA: My goodness everything is at a stand still. It does work Gramps, Oh your frozen too

She sits and waits while five minutes passed

GRANDFATHER: So what do you think Hon?

TAMIKA: Why do we have this Gramps... I mean how and why?

Gramps pulls out an old letter from the ornate box.

GRANDFATHER: It started so very long ago Hon. This will tell you better than I could

Tamika looks at the letter and starts to read.

My name is Jediya Shepherd. It is the month of May in the year of our Lord 1883. I am the son of a freed slave, that now teaches our children so that they may become an asset to our people. I am also a widower and that is where my strange tale begins.

It was a late night and I was longing for my sweet Judith who passed away less than a year ago. I found myself at her gravestone just staring, thinking of how wonderful she was when suddenly a man appeared. Now when I say a man appeared that is exactly what I mean. At one moment in front of me was Judith's grave and in a blink of an eye and a flash of blue light a man appeared no less then a foot from my face.

He was a strange individual, dressed as I have never seen before. He looked as if he just went through a battle, his clothing torn and wounds on his arms and face. He smiled at me and then collapsed in front of me. I knelt down by him and felt for a pulse and was gratified that he was still alive and breathing. As I looked around trying to figure what to do He opened his eyes and said the strangest thing. He addressed me by my name. I will now give you an account of exactly what he said excluding certain parts so that if this letter is ever found the item mentioned can not be found easily.

Jediya, I have found you at last. I haven't long to live and must give you something. He reached into his strange jacket and brought out an item. This item is a control devise! You and your line after you must protect this from ever getting into the hands of those that will use it for wrong! Now leave me before they come. Leave now!

I took the item he gave me and left, I went hurriedly home to my two children and sat in my chair by the fireplace. My children were playing on the floor as I studied the item, I played with it and at the same time thinking that surely this man was mad. But after experimenting with it I found I could do everything that he told me I could do. Now it is up to me to safe keep it and to those of my family in the future to do the same.

She folded the letter up and put it back in the box.

TAMIKA: You need to rest Gramps.

GRANDFATHER: Okay Hon, just safe keep the watch.

TAMIKA: I will Gramps, I will.

Tamika leaves the Brownstone and sits on the steps staring at the watch.

TAMIKA: It won't hurt to just to try it. Let's do a little time traveling.

She walks around the corner into the alley so nobody will notice.

TAMIKA: The past or the future...The future. Press 3 time and twist a bunch.

A blue glow surrounds her and than a popping noise. She looks around.

TAMIKA: My goodness how far did I go this is so clean, spotless almost beautiful.

She turns around to look at the end of the alley showing the street outside with futuristic cityscape and a small egg shaped robot staring at her.

With a blink of an eye the egg shaped robot rushed toward Tamika in the alley.

ROBOT: Are you insane young lady?

TAMIKA: What are you?

ROBOT: You can't dress like that in public do you want to be arrested?

TAMIKA: Get out of my way tinker toy!

ROBOT: No! really you have to stay out of sight.

Tamika struggled to leave the alley with Egg shaped robot holding on to her pulling her back

TAMIKA: Let go of me before I take a screwdriver to you

ROBOT: I can't allow you to leave the alley.

Tamika and the egg shaped robot were still struggling as a large robot blocked the way out

LARGE ROBOT:: You shall surrender and place yourself in my custody.

ROBOT: Great now both of us will go to the compound and be punished!

TAMIKA: Not if I can help it.

Tamika takes out the watch and holds it in front of her with one hand and grabs the Egg shaped robot with the other she pressed the stem four times

ROBOT: What are you doing, let me go.

A blue glow and a pop and they were back to Tamika's year.

ROBOT: what is that horrible smell?

TAMIKA: It's your past my present and you can smell?

ROBOT: Sure I smell, hear, talk AND feel why shouldn't I?

TAMIKA: You're a robot, a machine!

ROBOT: No, I am a Transential Unit Model 28.

Tamika entered Gramps house with the egg shaped robot following

TAMIKA: I don't understand, someone tore up our house!

ROBOT: That's too bad, now can you take me back?

She enters Gramps bedroom, to that it to is torn up.

TAMIKA: Gramps is gone and so is the box and letter

ROBOT: What box what letter and what is a Gramps?

Tamika starts looking around and Eggbot scanning with a strange laser like ray

TAMIKA: Gramps is my Grandfather!

ROBOT: This isn't good, no not good at all.

Tamika sat on Gramps bed with the and egg shaped robot staring at her

TAMIKA: What are you doing?

ROBOT: I can collect light that is lingering and reassemble them into images that existed a few hours ago.

Tamika now standing grabbing egg shaped robot by his shoulders if he had any

TAMIKA:What did you see that isn't good?

ROBOT: Three men dressed in ancient uniforms and a woman that we read about in history class called Black Crystal hauling an old man away.

TAMIKA: They took Gramps.

ROBOT: What year is this Miss?

TAMIKA: 2017

ROBOT: They do not exist for another 80 years why and how did they get here.

TAMIKA: The same way you did and you will take me to them.

ROBOT: I don't think so, that she devil and her boss General ZEE almost destroyed half the world.

TAMIKA: Here's the deal gearbrain! You help me and I will return you to your time otherwise learn to live in this era!

In a room in the future two people stared at Tamika and the egg shaped robot.

TAMIKA: Sorry people just passing trough.

Tamika and the egg shaped robot ran from the building.

TAMIKA: Where to now?

ROBOT: I for got most of what they taught us in school.

TAMIKA: They send robots to school?

ROBOT: I am not a robot! I am a 20 year old man.

TAMIKA: You are what and a year older than me?

ROBOT: This unit keeps my brain alive and intact until my new body is cloned.

TAMIKA: So you're chick in an egg waiting to hatch... Guess I'll call you Eggbot.

EGGBOT: Funny, I do have a name it is Robert.

TAMIKA: No Robert, I like Eggbot better.

EGGBOT: Fine, Since you run around with a time traveling watch I'll call you Tick Tock.

And so the team of Tick Tock and Eggbot begins their journey to rescue Gramps along with many other adventures.